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Customer Testimonials

Dawn Mcnerney (May, 14 2020)

“Thank you once again for your diligence, customer support and professionalism. In a time when NOBODY is responding to the thousands of requests for refunds lost due coronavirus, you stand alone in integrity. I have had no response for the thousands of dollars I spent on booking hotels, tours, etc for my trip that I could not complete through no fault of my own. I will not forget any of this when we can travel again. This treatment has forever changed the way I will travel in the future. Thank you restoring a little bit of my faith in an increasingly disappointing world.”

John and Family (April 29, 2020)

Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts. This must be so tough and I really appreciate your efforts. I have been watching your update videos – which I appreciate – and you guys look tired. I am sorry. Sending you good mojo and gratitude! Hang in there.

Maria Cherry Coronel (April 19, 2020)

“Thank you very much for your hard work & helping us through this! This portal will help ease some anxiety in tracking our refund… This was our first time using your services & we are so glad we went with you guys! For not disappearing in the face of the earth when tough times come, thank you :)!!

Leonard Griffin (April 12, 2020)

Thank you for the link to the portal. I have been impressed with your level of customer service in these most demanding times.

Jan Meyer (April 2, 2020)

We really appreciate your help and understand the complexity of this situation both for AirTreks and the airlines…Thank you for your help. You have won our business for our next trip for sure!!!”

David Grant (March 30, 2020)

Wow, I must tell you, I never expected this sort of quick response on a Sunday night knowing what pressure you must be under.

Liz Holt (February 17, 2020)

Our trip to New Zealand and Australia was wonderful.  AirTreks did a wonderful job with the arrangements.  Thank you AirTreks.

Gary Mac Cunningham (February 14, 2020)

AirTreks is by far the best travel agency I have used whether online or in person. For me it was planning a long complex international flight. AirTreks understands how people actually plan complex flights rather than, like some travel agencies, require that the potential travel know exactly the itinerary and dates. The AirTreks agent worked with me to provide information about fares and schedules for different possible itineraries and different possible dates giving information about possible variations for lower fares and more convenient schedules.
My experience with AirTreks was only for international travel but I am sure they must be equally as accommodating for domestic. I highly recommend AirTreks.

Anita Frederiksen (February 6, 2020)

I was SO GRATEFUL when my planned Israel hike through the desert did not turn out as I had hoped and I needed to change my flight to Czechia, that Airtreks helped me to get an earlier flight.
I can only recommend Airtreks to other travelers.

Scott Barnes (February 5, 2020)

We had a spectacular trip and everything went very smooth. Flights were on time plus or minus 15 minutes and we got to where we needed to be each flight. I thank your staff for putting together the itinerary. I wouldn’t want to tackle trying to coordinate all these flights on my own.
Thanks again for a job well done.

Michael Johnson (January 16, 2020)

Just wanted to circle back with you and express our gratitude for the flights. We had a hiccup in London where they “cancelled” our flight. Our connecting flight was terminal 5 which we needed to go through customs again and… we missed our connecting flight. All said and done we have insurance and a flexible ticket through AirTreks which saved us thousands! Awesome.

Vivian Munn (January 14, 2020)

I cannot think of anything to improve! The whole team were great and Chris really pulled out all the stops to help us.

Judy Staubo (January 8, 2020)

Thanks, Julia to you and all of your team.  I have returned from my magnificent trip – not a hitch anywhere.  I am so grateful to you and your team for making this so easy and so spectactular! 

David Evert (January 7, 2020)

My wife and I are enjoying Thailand. All of the flight arrangements you booked have been perfect! Thank u for the great service. We will be happily recommend you anytime. 

Jacqueline Cooksey (December 20, 2019)

Seriously I was so impressed! I was doubtful when I booked my ticket about going through a travel company but after getting this response — well, I’m sold!!

Dawn Schink (December 16, 2019)

I cannot think of an area of improvement. The service was great from beginning to end, helping me find a great airfare, including upgraded seats.

Raija and Peter Nevitt (November 28, 2019)

We have just returned from our round the world trip and had a wonderful time. All of the reservations made by you and the team worked out perfectly and we had no hitches of great importance (see below) to report.

Each and every one of the many flights we did went perfectly well. We were able to online check-in for the majority of flights which meant that we did not have to be at airports with two or even three hours in advance to flights. Of course, traveling with hand luggage only also saved us a lot of wasted time wandering around the airports or being “forced” to go through the duty free stores…..we didn’t have space in our luggage!!

The extra leg room/exit seats reserved by you also fitted in well. You may recall that Qatar airways had the exit seats blocked and we could not reserve them. Well, as it happens, on the flight from Singapore to Doha we had one seat which had no seats in front and therefore plenty of leg room – great!

All in all we did have a fantastically good time, enjoyed every minute of the journey and were pleased (to say the least) that everything went so smoothly!A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU BARBARA AND THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE TEAM – YOU MADE OUR TRIP A HAPPY ONE!

Katie and Reid (October 25, 2019)

Our trip was amazing and everything went very smoothly. We are so happy to have went through Airtreks for our “around the world” trip! It ended up being a great way for us to pre-plan and set travel goals. We will absolutely contact you for our next big trip! Thank you again for all of your help, and taking away some of the stress that comes with long term international travel!

Susana Tressler (October 14, 2019) 

I am very pleased with the service provided by AirTreks. They have an amazing team that works diligently to give the best service possible to the customer. I want to thank everyone involved in my recent ordeal, all of you made things easier for me when I most needed. Your compassion and professionalism is inspiring.

Sandra and Michael (October 14, 2019) 

My husband and I want to thank the entire team that worked on our delay at the airport and re booking of tickets while in Abu Dhabi. We also want to thank those responsible for sending documents to support our claim for insurance.
In all of our years of travel and the 72 plus countries we have visited this was a first experience for us. It’s wonderful to have such a committed group to call on in our time of need and with the first contact from Abu Dhabi we knew we had made the right choice in traveling with Air Treks. Thank you all for everything.

Andy and Tish (September 18, 2019) 

Hi! Just a huge thank you to share with everyone at Air Treks who helped us change our trip and make sure we ended up having an amazing vacation.
As always we have given your name to 4-5 people we met along the way so far. Hope the referrals are welcome:)

Natalie Cooley (September 11, 2019) 

You guys were amazing and we would definitely recommend you to family and friends! Just took the survey and gave you a 10! Thank you for everything, you made our trip a lot smoother.

Kim Mather (September 5, 2019) 

We were particularly thrilled that Airtreks handled our trip because the details of our travel (which included 6 people from all over the U.S.) were very convoluted. Not only did we have people traveling from different parts of the U.S., but we also had to coordinate connections in London and arrival times for our safari in Nairobi. Then, Airtreks also arranged each seat preference for each of us on each of the legs! It was WONDERFUL!
I think it would have taken me the ENTIRE year to accomplish the tasks that Airtreks completed with such efficiency! I will definitely be using Airtreks again when my travel plans NEED TO BE CORRECT! They NAILED IT!

David Peel (August 16, 2019) 

Dear Airtreks: Our two trips around the world were at once less expensive than most imagine— but far more valuable and treasured than I can believe.Chris is like a friend when we talk about planning. He is uniquely patient, informative and encouraging.Travel is the only money I spent that left me richer.  Airtreks did make one mistake, but took full responsibility for it and made it right. Give a 37,600 mile trip and a 27,500 trip, one mistake is pretty dang good, as we say here.I recommend that you take the trip you are dreaming of. No one regrets travel.

Here are some tips:
1) cross oceans at night and sleep on he plane. Saves boredom and a hotel night. If you take Ambien to sleep like we do, test it on the ground first as some people have reactions.
2) be flexible. let Airtreks guide you.
3) fly west. Much easier on my system.

Erin Davis (August 16, 2019) 

I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you and your colleagues for such brilliant service. My boyfriend and I bought 8 flights in total with air trek whilst this summer we were travelling South East Asia and North America. We are now living in Australia- having got here safe with no problems or issues.

I found Julia (Kwan) a real pleasure to talk to and she was so helpful- even chatting to me via WhatsApp whilst I was in busy hostels in the Philippines! She took away alot of the stress we had with trying to organise itineraries and plans, and was very flexible with our ideas.
I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that needs help with flights in the future.
Thank you again !

Jacquie Truax (July 15, 2019) 

My husband and I just got back from our Europe trip (Rome, Paris, and London). We had an awesome time. Thanks for making our travels easy and stress free with our itinerary. Also, thanks for being easy accessible when needed. I would definitely use your company again.

David Sippola (July 8, 2019) 

Julia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you and the AirTreks team did in planing our trip. Everything regarding the flights went flawlessly and our trip was resounding success! There is no way I could have arranged the travel details for this multi country trip, nor would I have wanted to try. Should I have the opportunity I will recommend AirTreks to anyone and everyone who asks. Again many thanks to you and the AirTreks team!

Anna Hayes (June 27, 2019) 

I appreciate the excellent help in organizing flights, but what I really prize is the ongoing support up to and through the trip, no matter how far in the future it may be. Being kept apprised of any changes and knowing that I have someone to call if things go wrong relieves me of a significant percentage of travel anxiety. AirTreks is absolutely the best.

Susan and Richard Neulist (June 25, 2019) 

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Julia Kwan who is an excellent agent for your company. She has been so very responsive to all our questions and helped us to book our RTW tickets today.

We are pleased to work with her and would recommend her highly for future trips for friends and family.

Phillip Essman (June 24, 2019) 

Hopefully, this is the location for memorializing our recommendation of AirTreks and more specifically, our personal travel consultant, Aaron Meir. To provide some context, my wife and I had decided to travel back through Asia visiting many of the places and friends we experienced over some 20 years of living and working in the region – a farewell tour if you will. We’ve literally flown millions of miles and typically arranged our own itineraries or had corporate travel do it. This was a fairly complicated itinerary which didn’t lend itself to assistance from one of the Airline alliances like Star Alliance. So after an online search and checking out all the reviews, we landed on AirTreks. Aaron was assigned to us as our advisor.

Bottom line: we could not have had a better experience. Aaron was extremely professional, interested in our trip, offered several good suggestions for both normal and discounted fare segments and went above and beyond in providing assistance. He had a very generous manner which makes conversations so easy. The AirTrek website mentions that their advisors will do 1-2 half hour call ins, followed by an hour long session to finalize and pay for the trip. That doesn’t take into consideration the emails back and forth to get at the details. At last count, there were over 45 email exchanges between Aaron and us. We in fact felt somewhat guilty for monopolizing his time! Even in our final session, he made sure to let us know that he could secure Australian visas – a small but welcome gesture which saves us time and bother.

I will take great pleasure in recommending AirTreks and Aaron to friends, family and acquaintances; not for their benefit or our own, but because everyone should have such an amicable and professional experience when making their international travel plans.

Nicole Basso (June 4, 2019) 

I would highly recommend AirTreks to my friends. All the individuals I communicated with were very friendly and made the processes smooth. Your company made it so easy to purchase airline tickets and I received them at a cheaper rate than if I had purchased them on my own, so thank you!

Kaitlin Zwingerman (May 31, 2019) 

I’ve used AirTreks for planning big multi stop trips two times so far and both times have been amazing!

Daniel G is the best, he is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. He listened to what my priorities were for each trip and made amazing suggestions for stop overs. He provided me with a number of different flight route options and was very quick and efficient to sort out the details so I could book right away. I will continue to use AirTreks for all my big adventure flights needs! Thank you!

Charlotte (May 21, 2019) 

We had such an INCREDIBLE experience on our Airtreks adventure, traveling all around Asia, then Tanzania, Europe and ending in Santiago, Chile where we have been living since January and the girls are going to school and learning Spanish.

I can’t thank you enough for your combination of warmth, patience and professionalism during the planning process. Our flights went very smoothly: our seat assignments were correct, my special meal was always delivered, and if there were any anticipated changes in the flight times, your team was always diligent in making sure we knew this and confirmed it.
I would highly recommend your services – you made our trip seamless.

Allison Puppo (May 7, 2019) 

Everything looks great! I am still amazed that we are able to take a trip like this. It is a dream come true for my daughter and I.

Airtreks has opened the world for us and I appreciate your assistance and thoughtfulness in answering my questions and addressing potential pitfalls in your emergency section. You guys have it covered!
Thank you again for everything!

Richard Merk (April 10, 2019) 

I give AirTreks high marks. We have used Justin for years now and we appreciate his experience and efficiency. The few times we have needed help (cancelled flights, etc.) the support staff were available and ready to do their best to resolve any issues the airlines brought up regarding connections and other commitments.

Our relationship with Justin is the primary reason we return to AirTreks. We are able to have a relationship due to the way your system is laid out. We feel as though we are talking to “real” people (because we are) rather than to a screen or robot voice.

Kim Flowers (April 8, 2019) 

We had the most amazing trip to Amsterdam, Tanzania and Uganda last Dec/Jan. We safely reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and enjoying trekking with gorillas in Uganda as our reward. Unreal.

Thanks so much for handling our air travel. It was seamless.

Eva Vander Giessen (April 2, 2019) 

Nothing to improve as of yet, but I do want to tell you how fantastic my experience with Kat Daroczy has been. From our first phone conversation, she’s gone above and beyond to not only share timely, sage travel advice as another solo female traveler, but she’s become one of my champions. I feel supported by Kat in simple and profound ways. Which is meaningful as I invest in a solo adventure that’s just as much a personal journey as a physical one. Plus, she’s ensured I got the itinerary I’d hoped for, taken care to set me up best with flight times and transfers based on her wealth of experience, and has been super responsive at every step over the course of several months. I wish everyone embarking on a big journey could have a champion like Kat. I’ve already been raving about AirTreks and Kat is a big part of that. Thank you, Kat, and thank you, AirTreks!

Farhad Kashani (November 25, 2018) 

My trip finished with no incidents no delays and everything according to the plan. I added the American Samoa to it while I was in Samoa. I traveled to 15 countries and territories which 14 counts for my Traveler’s Century Club and one was a repeat. All in 26 days.
Thank you for your great job and you can use this letter as a testimonial to you and your company’s performance.

Jim (November 24, 2018) 

Camille is amazing. Did a great job of collecting our initial information and updating as we refined the plan and was always looking for the best routing. What I mean by this, is that she found the least expensive flights and then adjusted them to streamline the flights. For example she found us a flight to Nairobi that only had one stopover instead of the flight with 2 stopovers which saved us over 7 hour fight/wait time AND only cost abut $20 more.. She consistently looked direct routes for our shorter flights.

Since we are currently in Southeast Asia, went out of her way on a holiday weekend to complete our booking. An absolute 5 star performance!

Julie Drake (September 13, 2018) 

It’s been more than a month since I returned to the States from my lifelong dream trip around the world made my reality thanks to AirTreks. I sincerely want you to hear what it means to me that a company like AirTreks exists.

I am a (young) 48 year old woman who has always longed to travel. While I did do a small amount traveling years back, it was not nearly as much as I had envisioned. I guess life somehow got away from me and I had resolved that my dreams of traveling would remain just that—dreams. Amazingly things drastically changed for me one cold Michigan night last January when I was lying in bed, reading blogs from people who were living my dream, traveling the world. Two of the blogs mentioned AirTreks. It was the first time I was made aware that a company like yours existed. Life has not been the same since.

Wanting to know more, I went to your website and plugged in all of the places that I had ever wished I could visit. Doubtful that I would ever be able to fulfill or afford a bucket list like that, I figured why not dream, so I hit the submit button. The ballpark estimate that I thought would surely be out of my reach came back and I questioned its accuracy, for it seemed considerably less expensive than I could have ever imagined. After some research I chose to pursue my dream, thanks to the affordability made possible by AirTreks and in the end Daniel was able to set up my entire trip.
This unexpected change of turning my dream into a reality also meant a drastic life change. I felt at my age it could be my last chance, so I trusted God and moved forward. This involved quitting my job, returning my leased car, and selling my house, all in the time frame of a couple of months. Once all the arrangements had been made I felt a sense of complete joy and freedom for the first time in my adult life. Everything fell into place! In addition to fulfilling a lifelong dream, I also wanted this trip to help me get over my fears of flying, heights, loneliness, and traveling by myself.

About 15 days in on my 92 day journey I wondered what I had gotten myself into. It seemed rather daunting at times. Most of the time I was happy to be traveling solo, but there were times when the loneliness was almost crippling. Some of the destinations were better than imagined while some were less grand than envisioned. I learned it was all a part of the journey; unless you get out there and see it for yourself, how will you know? My three month journey involved the weekly repacking of my suitcase and flying to new destinations. I anticipated when my trip was complete I would be ready to settle into my new home in Honolulu, Hawaii where there would be no more packing or moving. To my surprise, near the end of the trip I realized that all I wanted to do was to keep going. I learned that what I really wanted was to keep learning and discovering this amazing world of ours and its variety of cultures.

More importantly, I now want to help others realize their dreams and find the joy that I have finally found after 48 years of searching.
I truly feel like I have found my purpose. I tell as many people as I can about AirTreks and what this company has done to change my life. Even my family and friends have commented that I just seem to light up as soon as I start talking about what AirTreks provides. I am extremely passionate about it.

Dave Springer (August 29, 2018) 

From the very beginning, air treks took the time to go through our schedule and plan it out. Worked with us to set up good flights for the six of us. Updates were given during travel if there were adjustments to the flights. We had one flight cancelled and air treks helped us rebook on a different airline. They even helped with providing documentation for our travel insurance for reimbursement. This has been the trip of a lifetime for us. 20 countries with 27 flights If I ever plan something again, I will do it with air treks.

Pat Eyerman (August 10, 2018) 

Thank you for booking our flights. You were terrific! We felt you were up to date on all our flights, you kept us informed and continued to look after us even after the flights were booked.
We have already recommended you to two of our other friends who do a lot of traveling each year.
And we will certainly try to use you on our next trip.

Kaitlyn (July 9, 2018) 

I found your team to be very helpful in booking my flight, exploring different options with me. When I thought I was going to miss a flight, I called your customer service team and they were incredibly helpful in explaining how I should proceed and exploring my options with me.
Thanks for a great experience!

Nathalie Venis (June 8, 2018) 

My trip around the world in 50 days covering 5 continents and 10 countries has been an awesome experience; one I can recommend to everybody.

Whenever I say this to people, I always get the same reaction: it must be a logistic nightmare to arrange all these flights. Thanks to AirTreks it was a breeze! And cherry on the cake: once you have bought the tickets you are not left alone. AirTreks has an excellent after sales service and for that you deserve 5 stars recommendation.

So thank you and thank you to your excellent team; keep up the great work and service!

Janice Friedman (June 5, 2018) 

I have no suggestions for improvement. Working with AirTreks is wonderful and everyone I’ve dealt with is very friendly, responsive, efficient and professional.

Jim (May 21, 2018) 

My wife Jean and I have returned from our month-long journey to Paris, Israel, South Africa, Dubai and Amsterdam.
We had a great time, and much of the reason was because of your exceptional planning and customer service throughout the trip.
I just want to reiterate that we were VERY impressed with everything — from Daniel’s initial itinerary, to the assiduous and dedicated follow-through by all of your support people. You were completely attentive, supportive and helpful, start to finish.

Alyssa (May 17, 2018) 

Thank you so much for your patience and I will not need the tickets! But your service has been INCREDIBLE over the last 8 months and I just want to convey how much I’ve appreciated the super prompt and friendly customer service airtreks has provided. I am so impressed and grateful!

Joseph Hudson (May 7, 2018) 

Cannot say enough about AirTreks and affiliates. Best travel service ever encountered and been at this a long time.

Simon (April 9, 2018) 

Just wanted to update you and say thank you to you and your team. We are on our third City (Zagreb) and absolutely love it. All flights and confirmation numbers have been perfect. No issues at all. You guys really made this trip simple and incredible. Thanks again!

Michael Serbousek (March 27, 2018) 

Rachel, Kristina, Julie, et al, I wanted to let you know that other than the crisis on the first leg that Rachel salvaged for us, all the other flights were uneventful and executed flawlessly!
YEAH! Thanks so much for the excellent service in an emergency. It really was a crisis, if we missed that leg and were delayed for 3 or 4 days, the entire trip was going to get cancelled. You would Not believe the places we traveled in very, very remote places in Tanzania.

Great work Rachel and the rest of the team. Our seats were excellent and really helped with the long flights.

You folks Rock! We are telling everyone about you.

Bill and Barb Gilbert (February 20, 2018) 

Thank you for your help. Your organization is truly top-notch. Thanks to you we will have a last great adventure.

Joan Hall (January 5, 2018) 

Chris Wadsworth did a wonderful job of getting our tickets to multiple destinations. I have worked with Chris in the past and he is knowledgeable and very competent. He makes the process of getting tickets very, very easy. You are fortunate to have him as an employee!

Thanks for having such a great company. We have used your services for many years, have recommended them to friends and will continue to use your company for our future travels.

Russ Ackerman (September 27, 2017) 

THANK YOU so much for making this trip possible, all your help was invaluable. The team all along the way was so great including the time we went to the wrong Bangkok airport and had to divert to the real one and nearly missed our flight! Airtreks was there with us all the way.

Georgeson (September 20, 2017) 

You made our dreams come true and we are forever in-debt to you. You were so great all the way through and we have recommended you and AirTreks to all those that have asked since the beginning.

Rhys and Jane Jones (September 14, 2017) 

Wow. I have no words! Your response, and to be fair, your company’s customer service in general is tremendous. How absolutely refreshing! Very many thanks, once again.

Nancye Rhan (September 8, 2017) 

I am so grateful to have found AirTreks. Figuring these flights out on my own would have been a nightmare. Thank you!

Charles (September 1, 2017) 

I would like to thank Chris Heidrich and your support staff for their outstanding work. Chris knitted together a complex itinerary in Africa where air travel and schedules are very iffy. Please pass on our thanks to Chris and the support staff.

Shanti (August 28, 2017) 

My husband and I travelled around the world and visited several countries. It was the most rewarding experience and I will only book all my tickets through Airtreks.

Sarah Devika Sumnauth (February 13, 2016) 

I rated you a 10 because I’ve just returned home (yesterday) from a one year, round-the-world trip and I couldn’t be happier with the mechanics of the trip, much less the actual experience of seeing the world. Every time I worked with Airtreks, I always received great customer service, facilitation and fast responses. I will recommend Airtreks in the future and have already mentioned you guys to many friends at home and abroad. I hope I myself can work with you guys again on a future big trip! Thank you SO much!

Andrew Lainsbury (December 15, 2015) 

Hi Chris, I got back into town from my RTW trip last week and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all that you did to ensure that it was successful. From hooking me up with great flights (and helping to confirm several of them while I was on the road) to directing me who to contact when my luggage was misdirected in Santiago, I can’t thank you enough for your support, expertise, and quick responses. You clearly know your stuff and I really appreciate it! Thanks again for all you do – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AirTreks (and you, specifically) for anyone looking to plan a RTW adventure!
Here’s wishing you and yours a fantastic 2016!

Keith (November 20, 2015) 

Kristina and friends at Airtreks. thank you so much for making the trip of a lifetime possible. Of course I had tons of planning and work to do as well. But never imagined it would be affordable until I met you guys. Back in Cincinnati but would rather keep trekking. Who knows maybe I’ll be back at it before too long.
Promise to sing your praises high and far.

Sarah (September 9, 2015) 

You guys knock the ball out of the park every time!! I’ve been traveling on a round the world trip since January 2015, and no issue that has come up has gone unresolved, you guys are always prompt in your responses, and I feel like a valued customer with the attention and care taken with my plans. You guys are also great at following up. I’ve probably recommended your services upwards of a 100 times already! Cheers from Laos!

Amul Sutaria (August 12, 2015) 

The trip was completely amazing. Everything went super smooth and even when my wife missed one of her flights, it was all taken care of by Airtreks staff. It was reimbursed as well and they booked her a new flight. What amazing customer service. I am so very happy, and i have told at least 50 other people about my experience with Airtreks. I want to book all my flights with you guys now. It was so affordable and i had the peace of mind that they were going to go out of their way to help me when they could.

Brian Smith (July 8, 2015) 

I wanted to extend special thanks to all your team for having made our complete circumnavigation of the globe a reality. We are back after 5 months, proving that even seniors can do it and enjoy it safely. Not one illness ‘till i caught cold the day we left Europe, and was sick a while in Florida recuperating. Your website is so marvelous that I recommended you to dozens of people, literally all around the world. 2500 pictures in the camera, a 1000 for my wife, and two happy campers.

Nancy and Kenneth (June 24, 2014) 

We did a 1 year trip the entire year of 2013. Me and Kenneth came back from our round-the-world trip 6 months ago. We wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you. We had the most amazing customer service we could have had imagined! Airtreks is great and I recommended it a few times along the way. We visited 20 countries, in every single continent. You managed to add 2 destinations (Fiji and Iceland) we weren’t suppose to visit and these places are still amazing memories. Everything went perfectly. You and your team followed our trip the entire year, making sure all our flights were on time and up to date. Planning flights for a year is a big job, but Airtreks managed it all and the best thing about your company is the freedom of our itinerary. No other companies could make our dream route possible. So high five to all of you!!To say thank you, here are a few photos of our trip. We had the best year of our life. Keep this same energy, availability and understanding towards your clients, it becomes very easy to trust you. If we ever plan another trip, we will definitely think about Airtreks to plan everything.Thanks again!!

Naeko and Andrzej (May 9, 2014) 

We just returned from our trip around the world! And it truly was a trip of a life time! We wanted to say thank you to Sarah for all her help. We loved our itinerary and it made our trip pretty stress free knowing simply when and where to jump on the next plane. We highly recommend your services and hope that WE can again use your services one day! Again big thanks.

Jim (February 18, 2014) 

We are home! Great Trip–thanks in great measure to Air Treks people who helped from the outset! Thank you.
I have been and will send anyone I can to you. In fact I heard the same thing from a fellow traveler in Burma who had used you as well. Nothing but very high praise for your company.
Thank you again for making this once in a lifetime trip everything we had hoped for!

Nicole (January 15, 2014) 

Thank you so much! [Kristina], Sarah and Angelica have been a great deal of help! I appreciate the fast and friendly help at a low price! I have been recommending Airtreks to all of my friends, family and people I am meeting all over the world!
Thanks for helping me in my adventure around the world and making late 2013 and 2014 the best year ever!

Millie (January 10, 2014) 

I want to thank you for your awesome service.  I found you so helpful and patient.  The trip went off just perfectly.  All the arrangements were great and our seats were all good.  I hope I’ll have a chance to do a big trip like that (or hopefully bigger) again, and will certainly call you first.  I highly recommend that people contact you if they have a multi-stop trip to plan.

Jillian (November 27, 2013) 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for arranging such a wonderful adventure for us! We just got back this past weekend and had a blast. I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went with our flights and reservations. From start to finish, you made everything happen so seamlessly for us (and saved us a lot of money on flights!)

Additionally, I found AirTreks general travel resources so helpful for our trip planning. Was really impressed with both the airline reservation and travel planning aspects of AirTreks. Much more than I could have asked for.

I have since recommended AirTreks to several friends and family members, and plan on using it for my next big adventure.

Tom C. (September 3, 2013) 

Thank you and thank you again for the truly exceptional customer service you provided in getting this thing booked!


Carl Kruse @Carl_Kruze on Twitter (September 3, 2013) 

Trying to sort complicated international travel plans or round the world flights? is where it’s at. Highly recommended.

Michael Gardner @MitchGard81 on Twitter (August 27, 2013) 

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. if you’re looking to plan an around the world trip, here’s a sweet site #aroundtheworld

Aran & Renee (July 12, 2013) 

Now that we’ve taken our last flight on our trip I wanted to send a message to you to thank you for all the assistance, not only AirTreks but specifically [Sara] and Andrew LaPorte. You guys have been great every step of the way providing feedback, assistance and guidance while we were on the road. We both really appreciated the trouble you went through to ensure our final flights were on track and took the time to follow up with us so we felt comfortable going into our last leg of the journey.

Andrew has been fantastic, providing great information and suggestions on cheaper routes flight times and the many emails he got from me leading up to our booking. He ALWAYS got back to me in a very timely manner, often on the same day, which when dealing with such a large time difference for most of the trip was very admirable.

This trip has been something Renee and I have planned and dreamed of for many years and we had a wonderful time (although it’s not quite over yet) and it certainly wouldn’t have been as easy or enjoyable without AirTreks and your staff behind us on the travel portion so for that we both want to thank you very much!

Renee and I have both agreed this will not be our last time like this, we’ve already got a healthy list of places on our list for the next world trip and I know AirTreks will be our first contact when we start looking into and organizing our flights.

Jessica Young (June 20, 2013) 

I am writing to tell you how thrilled we are that we picked Airtreks for our travel company for our around the world trip and how lucky we were to get Glenn Talken as our customer service point person.  As we complete our first year of a two year journey, we have looked at each other numerous times and said out loud “Thank you, Glenn.”. We generally said it at those times that things worked seamlessly for us at ticket counters or as others went hungry on planes and we found we had great seats, our baggage prepaid (so no excessive fees at the counter) and meals we never expected.

Glenn was wonderful from the first point of contact as well.  We had explored your wonderful web tool, but were still clueless about how and where we really wanted to go.  He was patient, knowledgable, and helped direct us to resources and wonderful itineraries.

We have reached out to him a couple of times as we have traveled and he has always been quick to respond.

As a person who has supervised a lot of staff through the years, I know how important it is to have point people as competent as Glenn.  We appreciate him and feel as if he has made a real difference in our lives.  We also speak well of Airtreks to fellow travelers as we wander globally.

John Pavone (June 17, 2013) 

Just wanted to tell you that my recent around the world trip
came off without a single hitch and to thank you for your
service. See you next year.

Brad Holland (June 5, 2013) 

I am back from my South Pacific Ramble (above), and would like to say what a JOY it was to work with AirTreks. Your travel tips were invaluable, your affiliate airlines professional/courteous and my connections were flawless. I have not hesitated to recommend you to my friends, and will do so again and again. Thank you arranging my trip.  It was real joy to work with AirTreks.

Gates Richards (May 2, 2013) 

We’ve been pleased with the support we’ve gotten from AirTreks– thanks!

David McCracken (April 19, 2013) 

I really appreciate the excellent service that AirTreks has provided and the prices could not be beat.

Rebecca C via Twitter (April 16, 2013) 

Another fabulous experience buying #rtw flights with @airtreks! So helpful and understanding. Highly recommended!! East Asia here I come!

Bonnie Blacklock (April 15, 2013) 

Air Treks continues to give outstanding service to us during our travels. We always confirm our flights ahead of time and have had NO issues with our RTW itinerary. Thanks for letting us know these small time changes for Air Canada.

Whatever AT is doing for their customers, keep up the great work. Hopefully some of the many travellers I’ve referred to your company along the way will become future customers.

Paul & Bonnie Blacklock (April 15, 2013) 

Hi Chris….as we near the end of our wonderful trip we both want to thank you so much for helping us plan and execute the trip of a lifetime. Air Treks does a terrific job of booking but more importantly continues to provide outstanding service to us travellers while we’re on the road. Paul and I have referred many other travellers to you over the last 6 months.

Field Williams (April 10, 2013) 

Sarah was simply THAT good. Dating back to almost a year ago Sarah has quickly given me quotes that resulted in dead-ends (on my end of course, not hers). Last month I was finally able to book my multi-destination dream trip. Her service never faltered. On top of the friendliness and instant response time, she was extremely knowledgeable. She understood my exact situation and made recommendations that never crossed my mind. There was never a hint of agitation as she plowed through the infinite variables that I was interested in exploring. An A+ and a gold star to Ms. Sarah Gamber.

Undine E. Trotman (April 8, 2013) 

Thank you very much Airtreks for booking a completely seamless trip for me. I have already referred you to several of my friends!!!

Allegra and Harold (March 20, 2013) 

We have verbally recommended AirTreks to quite a few of our friends and family, since we have been truly thrilled with the service you have provided.  After consulting with several travel agencies about our trip, AirTreks was the one that really seemed to mesh with our independent travel style.

Geralyn Johnson (March 19, 2013) 

I just returned from my around the world trip that you helped me plan.  I wanted to tell you that everything was fantastic and the arrangements and suggestions from you and your company were so much appreciated.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support in the planning of my trip and for the excellent arrangements that you made.  I am a happy customer and one who will surely request your assistance again, in the future.

Andy Williams (March 11, 2013) 

Well Liliam managed to get all around her trip with no real issues and with a lot of positive experiences, so thanks for sorting this out. If ever we need anything more than one stop away from home we will certainly get back to you – the service and selected flights was/were excellent — thanks.

Shawn Baker (February 26, 2013) 

Just wanted to let you know, your staff was amazing and performed above and beyond. I am not a patient man, however enjoyed an informative, stress free experience due to Sarah’s professional and competent work! Thanks AirTreks, you’re now my only travel agent (you were my last stop after 7 infuriating attempts with sub par agencies) and will be highly recommended to my business contacts, family and friends.

Kelsey McFarland (February 25, 2013) 

We are very satisfied with the experiences we have had with Airtreks.

Tye Lariviere (February 15, 2013) 

Thank you so much for your very quick response!  You guys really do have great customer support there, and we appreciate it very much!

Goran Seifert (February 1, 2013) 

First of all a BIG thanks A LOT for your support! You have really worked very diligently, proactively and hard indeed, in fact rarely have we encountered such professionalism when it comes to travel arrangements! And we travel a lot, in my own case around 200 days a year of international business travel, for the last 20 years! We will certainly recommend you to friends looking for really good support for complex international travels.

If we can support you with a very positive testimony, we would be more than pleased to do so.

Hoping to have an opportunity in the future to make use of your powerful skills! Being now semi retired I hope we can increase our non business travel, where I am more flexible, timewise, and need smart cost effective planning, such as you have provided!

Oscar Thompson (January 31, 2013) 

I want to thank you for showing me the world, and of course all the airport ceilings that I looked at on layovers. I saw on the cheap because that is what I had, but you allowed me to see so much. 13 times around, all 7 continents, and 100 countries, and that ain’t bad for a boy from Hebbronville, Texas.

Frances Tabor (January 22, 2013) 

To all of you at AIRTREKS,  Thank you ever so much. Darlene Adydan and I will certainly use your services when we travel again!!!    Frances Tabor

A. R. Gibson ?@starmediaguy (January 18, 2013) 

I used #Airtreks to book and go around the world in ’01. Brilliant co., brilliant service. Tix price? $3200. !!

Carlos Pomeda (January 18, 2013) 

Dear Justin,

I was thinking that, since I always point out when things don’t work, it’s only fair I also speak up when things go well. What I want to express is my gratitude for your terrific help these years. You have always been prompt, kind and tremendously effective, a great help with my travel plans. I appreciate this particularly because I realize my travel plans are not always the easiest to accommodate. So, a big THANK YOU is in order.

Christina and Tye Lariviere (January 15, 2013) 

We just wanted to express our gratitude for getting back to us so quickly.  We are quite impressed with the costumer service.

Thank you,
Christina and Tye Lariviere

Mark Curtis (January 10, 2013) 

Very satisfied with my Airtreks experience – and I haven’t even departed yet.    Justin Baker rocks.  He is the best. Thanks for great service.

Duff and Claire Danilovich (January 7, 2013) 

Your help and service has been excellent. Thank you.

Evan (December 20, 2012) 

Andrew LaPorte is wonderful. I have been enthusiastically planning a round-the-world trip since I was 15 and with the guidance of Andrew, I was able to find a terrific route, itinerary and all for a reasonable price. Andrew presented me with helpful suggestions, informative insights and a pleasant demeanor. I’m greatly looking forward to my trip leaving in January. I don’t know if your company does any accolades, but this gent certainly receives a tip of the hat and a firm handshake from me.

Ashley and Derek (December 19, 2012) 

Your customer service has been amazing and we really, really appreciate your help with this problem! It is rare to see a company that creates solutions for its customers instead of roadblocks and we are happy to be your customers!

Kay Whitham (December 19, 2012) 

Also Tom and I want to thank Ryan, Angela, and the AirTreks team for helping us reorganize our flight to New Zealand.  We missed our original bookings due to a traffic accident that closed the freeway for 4 hours.  They were fantastic.  We made our new connections and are now on the South Island, enjoying warm summer weather.

Dee Atlas (December 14, 2012) 

I too tried to book our around-the-world retirement trip tickets on my own, thinking I’m so well traveled what’s the big deal.  The big deal was I couldn’t do it and luckily found AirTreks who worked with us to create just what we wanted for our 10 week sojourn in 2011.

We had to get ourselves from Western North Carolina to our starting point in Hong Kong and from there to Bangkok. We wanted to take the train from Bangkok to Singapore (the regular one) and booked that on our own.  Ran into a problem in Penang & had had to fly to Singapore, which turned out to be cheap & easy! From there we flew to Kathmandu, then New Delhi.  Spent 5 weeks in India & flew from Mumbai to Amsterdam and home.

Having AirTreks do this type of jumbled route which included overland and internal flights which we booked ourselves, was fantastic. I would never try to do this on my own and should be be lucky enough to do another large trip like this, I’d call AirTreks for sure!

Kristi & Terry Newth (November 5, 2012) 

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know Terry & I had a great trip to the South Pacific! Thank you for arranging all the air tickets. It was unbelievable, we did not have one delay nor did we have any lost luggage. Not bad for 4 countries and 5 different airline carriers.

A great big thank you! You guys are great!

Mckenzie Whitehead (October 24, 2012) 

I just wanted to express how positive my booking experience has been with Airtreks. My husband and I recently bought a round-the-world ticket from Andrew Laporte, and he was very attentive and easy to work with. He promptly answered any questions I had and made sure we got the Amazon gift card promotion that was being offered. We ended up using the gift card to get a new piece of luggage that we needed for the trip, so it was crazy useful! I had him change the dates and times of the flights about a dozen times (at least!) and he was extremely flexible and worked really hard to make sure it was right. I’m looking forward to our trip, and I feel confident that Airtreks, and specifically Andrew, will be there for us every step of the way. Thanks so much for making this so stress-free!

Aran & Renee (July 18, 2012) 

My girlfriend Renee & I recently had the pleasure to deal with Andrew LaPorte in our travel bookings. We are planning an around the world trip this August & were quite nervous to say the least when jumping into this.

Andrew was more than helpful going above & beyond our expectations & I know dealing with our many calls, emails, route changes & questions likely wasn’t the easiest for him but he never made us feel like we were putting him out.

We look forward to working with AirTreks & Andrew in the near future in booking the second half of our trip.

Alberto Gar (June 28, 2012) 

I intend to blog in fine detail about my trip once I get back, and I will mention and thank your company often in the process. (And Travel Guard, assuming all works out well with them.)

All this to say, thank you again for all your help and thank you and your company for including the insurance in the package. I intended to buy insurance for this trip anyway but you made it that much easier and seamless.

Adam and Sarah (June 19, 2012) 

I wanted to write to you and let you know that my wife and I just returned home from our four month trip around the world and we could not be happier with our decision to go for it. I want to especially thank you and the entire AirTreks team for making it a reality. I truly don’t think that we could have put the trip together without you and I know we could not have afforded the airfare. Everything worked out perfectly and when there were a couple of airline issues your staff got in touch with me right away and fixed it. Both of us want to sincerely thank you for everything and would be more than happy to offer any testimonials or reviews if you ever want them. Thank you so much again.

John Pavone (May 29, 2012) 

Just returned from the trip you arraigned for me: Miami, Los Angeles, Long Beach San Francisco, Manila, Clark Air Base, Bangkok, Istanbul, Crete, London to Miami. The trip came off without a single hitch.

Billy Maynard (May 29, 2012) 

Thank you AirTreks for the assistance with our travel arrangements to South Africa.  Our trip came off like clock work.  A magical journey!

Deena (May 22, 2012) 

I’ve given your company’s name to everyone who asked how we booked our trip.  I explained that I tried & couldn’t do it, but you could & everything worked out perfectly.

Dulcia and Rebecca, Jamaica (May 22, 2012) 

Rebecca and I want to say a big thank you for choosing the flights you did and the times. The flight that we dreaded the most, the one from Singapore to Delhi and then onwards to Jaipur, turned out to be a breeze.

The biggest surprise was Comfort Class seats on the journey from Istanbul to New York. I cannot thank you enough for letting me know about this. I slept for 6 hours it was just fabulous.

Thank you again and we will most definitely book again with you next year.

Dyane Stillman (May 22, 2012) 

I was grateful for Chris’ efficient and thorough responses to my queries last year when I was planning a series of flights for the summer months. Chris arranged my trip perfectly, and even made certain that I earned appropriate travel credits with the varied airlines.

This year I have twice consulted him regarding my travels.  Chris answered questions to the best of his ability and offered suggestions for where to find the answers he could not provide.  Because of Chris, I have recommended and will continue to recommend AirTreks to my friends.

Dan Sereda (April 9, 2012) 

I just wanted to say thanks for your help during my recent trip. It’s good to know you guys have such experience and knowledge and are only an E-mail away. Keep up the good work!

I hope I can work with your company again.

Jessica (April 4, 2012) 

We had a great trip…not a single problem or issue with our tickets! Thank you…I can’t wait to book again!

Kia (January 29, 2012) 

We have been working with Sarah G at AirTreks and she is fantastic – flexible, knowledgeable and excellent with communication!

Sandra Welgus (January 26, 2012) 

We used AirTreks for a 9 month rtw trip and were very happy. Our agent Danial was great. He got us tickets to all of the places and dates that we wanted before we left the USA.

We didn’t use the web site or try to change any tickets so I can’t comment on those aspects. We were happy with the price. He often suggested lower cost options for route, time, or date. I started with SkyTeam but we were going too many places for their rules. I will use again if I have the opportunity to repeat a fabulous experience.

Noah & Anne (January 26, 2012) 

We just booked our RTW travel with AirTreks (at least the first half of it due to airline fare windows).

We had a dedicated travel representative (Daniel) and he was engaged, informative, and supportive through the entire process. He was able to not only provide the booking service, but was consultative and extremely helpful in helping us build our itinerary (he has personal experience in many of the places that we are going to, and shared his opinions and recommendations of where we should use air vs overland routes).

I would recommend AirTreks to any traveler that needs to build a custom, multi-point itinerary – the support from AirTreks is excellent!

Michael (January 23, 2012) 

I would like to thank you very much for helping me with RTW tickets.  The trip was a success.  It was the most complicated trip I took and you helped to arrange the most effective ways to achieve it.  Your knowledge and your expertise have contributed to this success.  I sincerely feel you have done an excellent job.  I have recommended you to some friends.  You are the best!!!

Evan Lovett (January 20, 2012) 

I would like to alert you to the stellar service, demeanor & responsiveness
of one of your agents, Chris Wadsworth. I was referred to AirTreks with
high expectations, and Chris exceeded them in every regard. His deft
flexibility, his availability & his tolerance of multiple
requests/changes/questions engendered a phenomenal relationship and what
looks to be a successful itinerary.

I am aware of my proclivity to be high-maintenance, and Chris handled each
correspondence with professionalism & a smile. We’ll know the full outcome
upon the arrival of my wife & I back from Peru/Costa Rica next Saturday
night, but as it stands now – I highly commend Chris and will fully
recommend working with AirTreks moving forward.

Thank you again. Looking forward to a great trip.

Virginia (January 18, 2012) 

Dear Eugenia, Chris and others, Thank you so much for your help in organising and implementing my 10 flights to UK, USA and Canada over the last 3 months. I enjoyed my furlough from missions work very much, but am happy to be back in South Africa for another two years ? Well done to all on your efficiency and kindness. Virginia Drake.

Dee (December 27, 2011) 

People are amazed when they hear about our RTW trip. I always give credit to AirTreks because I honestly could not have booked the flights without them. Believe me, I tried! I found AirTreks by Googling and when they called I was so pleased with how brilliant they were in putting our trip together. It was a real challenge to book flights with independent overland parts but Daniel got us a great price. Then when we decided to bring our niece along for 3 weeks of our trip, they were able to book hers also at a good price. I recommend them to everyone I talk to about our trip.

Virgil (October 17, 2011) 

As my six-months’ holiday is coming to a close in a few days, I just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for your help over the last six months – with the notifications and especially the change in my flight schedule.

I’ve appreciated the service so much that I’ve included a ‘shout-out’ to Airtreks in the credits at the end of my travel videos I created:

South Africa

Again, thanks and I am looking forward to working with Airtreks again in the not so distant future!

Alice (October 3, 2011) 

I’d like to pass along my compliments and thanks to Angelica Fasce. I booked a trip to New Zealand and Singapore last year through a travel agent (who then booked through AirTreks) last Fall. Within a few weeks of booking the trip, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m now much better and went to the travel agent to rebook the tickets … and found out we had a misunderstanding about the deadline for completing travel. When I asked about extending the deadline due to the circumstances, she said she was “at the mercy of the airlines.” I called your Customer Services department last Friday and explained the situation to Angelica. She was completely calm and patient and said she would do the best she could to resolve the situation.  Per her request, I provided a dr’s note. She negotiated with three airlines and, as of today, I have a trip planned that I am very much looking forward to in December/January. Given the economy and the state of the airlines, I was doubtful this would be resolved so quickly and with so little frustration. Wish there were more Angelicas in the world!

Judy (September 6, 2011) 

I just wanted to thank you and all the other terrific staff at AirTreks. I had a terrific summer due to all the excellent flights scheduled by your team; and I never needed to worry about any changes or disruptions in the travel plans because people like you always kept on top of my itinerary and were keen to go above and beyond to help me.

Eric (August 26, 2011) 

A few months ago we made it home from and absolutely amazing/crazy trip around the world.  We really couldn’t have been any more happy with AirTreks.  First our salesman Chris did a great job of setting up great flights for great prices.  I was impressed on how nice some of the airlines were for these prices.  Once we got to Japan the trouble started though.  The earthquake and tsunami hit and we were scheduled to leave the next day from Tokyo to Thailand.  Nobody at the hotel was any help saying there were no problems and travel was going on as normal …[but] there was no way we could get to Tokyo and the flights weren’t leaving anyway.

Then we were able to contact you and Eugenia stayed late on a Friday night emailing us back and forth until she got us a flight out of Osaka the next day.  We were completely helpless and not only did she get us out of a sticky situation, it worked out great and timely.  We are extremely indebted to her hard work and help.  I know it wasn’t easy for her, I’m sure most people wouldn’t have gone through all that effort.

That was the worst of our problems, but the mess in the Middle East caused a bunch of other issues that Eugenia had to switch all of our flights all over again.  By the end of the trip only a couple of flights had stayed the same as when we originally booked.  Nobody ever said going around the world is easy!

Anyways we just wanted to say how great everything went and how happy we were with AirTreks.

Camas Baugh (July 14, 2011) 

Just got back from my first AirTreks trip – Guam-Manila-Singapore-Bali-Seattle. Not only was it a smooth trip all the way through, but the tips and advice I got all along the way were priceless…from the airbnb link (fabulous!) to making sure I check my baggage ticket at the counter. Immediate responses to my questions about changing flights, etc… I can’t thank this crew enough! All that AND it saved me money… You guys and gals are awesome!

Lynn and Maris (July 7, 2011) 

My wife and recently dealt with Laura Espinosa in your sales department. It was a pleasure. When so much of today’s service economy isn’t, Ms. Espinosa was helpful, engaging and professional. We were unfortunately not able to book travel with Ms. Espinosa, but will return to AirTreks in the future because of her efforts. Credit where credit is due.

Senaka (April 21, 2011) 

I just finished my around the world trip and returned to Toronto. I would like to thanks you all for the support/help given me during the various stages of  my booking to the end. I have a special thank to Angelica on her prompt and quick responses when I need information/additional bookings during my trip.

Brian (March 30, 2011) 

Just a quick comment as I clean out old emails. Thank you for your assistance. Every aspect of your reservations worked. I would highly recommend your compnay, and have done so already, many times. 

Brian Fagan

Tom and Ann (March 30, 2011) 

With your assistance and followup, we had a wonderful 5 month around the world trip.  During that time, we received two timely notifications fo schedule and airline changes from AirTreks with easy to follow instructions on how to proceed. In all we flew 20 legs of this journey.

From the start, Glenn was professional and extremely knowledgable in helping us choose the most cost effective route plan.  During the one plus hour telephone conversation, we never felt hurried or pushed into a decision, in the end it worked perfectly.

The ability to increase the coverage of our travel insurance to provide increased evacuation coverage was easy and at a very reasonable price.  I am not able to comment on the insurance coverage since we remained healthy throughout the entire trip and did not file any claims.

We also appreciated the prompt followup to questions we had relating to potential strikes which happily did not occur.
AirTreks and were probably the biggest players in the success of our trip.  We are a senior couple and though we have computer skills, appreciated the ease of use in navigating your website.

Rob (February 28, 2011) 

Hi Tom. I am currently on a round the world trip which I bought through your agency. We initially bought tickets through Egypt air, and with some amazing foot work by one of your staff members (Eugenia, manager of customer care), we were able to convert those tickets into something more usable. Eugenia was very professional, and had amazing advice to give us, and was  very diligent (in so far as having a staff member come in on a Saturday to ensure that we got our tickets). Congratulations on having staff that care that much about their customers!!!!

Our family always takes a six month holiday and purchases tickets from a variety of Internet providers, but we have now found AirTreks to be such a superior outfit that you are guaranteed that we will use you repeatedly in the future.

Rosie (February 17, 2011) 

Just another thank you for your help and quick response with making this change. It was such a relief after a week of stressing over this with the airline to have you guys come through so quickly and find the perfect flight (I now arrive at the exact same time as my friend from the U.S.!). I have had such a great experience with AirTreks and this just solidifies what a great company it is. I will most definitely highly recommend you to anyone!

This trip has been the best decision I’ve made in my life and I thank you guys for helping make everything go so smoothly.

Carl (December 15, 2010) 

My trip is over and I’m back home. I just wanted to send a note saying  “thank you”. You were always highly helpful with any questions I had through my first independent long-term travel experience, and you really made me  feel comfortable with everything within your power. AirTreks was fast, reliable, and the cheapest option I had found, and the customer service was  top of the line. I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing multiple-stop tickets.

Richard (June 29, 2009) 

I mean if I had booked the original trip with direct flights on Expedia, it would have cost me $6,100. Now I”m spending $2,500 less, and seeing many places, plus he has a tour guide set-up for me in Cario, and I”m sure I”ll find other perks before I leave. I have never heard of AirTreks before, but why, after this experience, and over an hour on the phone with Basel(I don”t like taking on the phone) would EVER use any other service than his? AirTreks, and primarily Basel, blow Expedia and Travelocity out of the fricking water!

Ann Charisse James (June 29, 2009) 

Then, my plans changed. Then they changed again. Then they changed AGAIN. While this would have broken the spirit of many travel consultants, Justin stayed with me, and continued to serve my needs with grace and quiet control. This truly impressed me, and I am forever grateful that after a week of adjustments, I now have a good travel plan which suits my needs perfectly.

If Justin was my employee, I would treasure him. I am thankful that I had the good luck to work with him. It is because of Justin that I will book future “round the world” travel with your company. If you would like to contact me, I would be happy to speak with management directly.

Kurt Campbell (June 30, 2008) 

My family recently took a trip around the world and fortunately we had purchased travel insurance through Travel-Ex when we were buying our airline tickets through AirTreks. I say ‘fortunately’ because both my wife and I had to spend time in the hospital while in Thailand. I was amazed at how easy and efficient this insurance company was and how much care they seemed to give my wife in regards to care. I have nothing but praise for the way in which you handled our claims and will recommend this insurance as well as AirTreks to our friends and family.

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