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AirTreks has been the world leader in complex international travel for almost 30 years.
We use our long-standing relationships with vendors and airlines all over the world
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How we can help your group:

  • Itinerary Design + Route Planning: AirTreks Group Experts assists you even in the earliest stages of your group planning. Our team works with you to create the most efficient route to maximize your budget and get the best value for your flights. This stage is often overlooked by group leaders and bad upfront routing choices can impact price/value in the wrong direction.
  • We make coordination easy. Your travelers can contact us directly if they need help with changes, have questions or alternate plans that they need to accommodate. Our experienced team will help group leaders manage deadlines and ticketing/travel requirements, simplifying the process.
  • Personalized Confirmation Delivery: AirTreks can send individual itineraries and confirmations to each of your travelers. No need to spend time on paperwork and trying to keep track of tickets for each member of your group.
  • We work with you the way you want to work. We can help you stay organized throughout the process by creating customized tracking spreadsheets, facilitating integration with your CRM, building special electronic submission forms for your travelers, or setting up flexible payment options.
  • Airlines make changes. Unforeseen circumstances arise at the last minute. We are here 24/7 when you need us! You can count on our team to be here for you all the way through to the end of your journey.

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