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Affiliate Program

Partner with the AirTreks affiliate program!

Our affiliate program was one of the web’s first travel affiliate programs. We’d like to see every person on earth have access to a long-term travel experience like around the world travel, a gap year, a loop around the continent: anything that gets people out into the world.

The AirTreks affiliate program helps monetize your website. It’s very easy to start, simple to implement and track, and we have the trust of over two decades of customers and partners. Give your travelers the ability to get instant price estimates on their multi-stop and round-the-world flight itineraries: then, earn commission on conversions!

We’re honored to partner with affiliates like…,,,, 

How the program works

You can link your website into our affiliate program using a number of different methods. You will earn a commission every time your users purchase a multi-stop flight using TripPlanner or Indie. You’ll always be informed about your performance, number of sales, and even just the number of people who submitted.

You can send traffic using a link to our tool, a supplied ad banner, or an interactive widget that helps you plan a trip from within your website.

What’s the difference between TripPlanner and Indie?

With TripPlanner, your user gets an estimation and then a followup from an expert Travel Planner who will craft a custom itinerary based on their preference and priorities. With Indie, it’s more DIY: the user can build their itinerary, customize flight options, and buy online.

What do TripPlanner and Indie offer to customers?

• Access to an unlimited number of destinations (most online travel tools only offer the ability to price 4-5 stops).
• Access to instant price estimates for even the most complex itineraries.
• Access to millions of possible routings, fares and itineraries and instant calculation of the most efficient combination of flights.
• The intelligence to suggest alternate routings and additional destinations.
• The best value and most efficient trip for your traveler’s money.

Who’s eligible for the AirTreks affiliate program?

To qualify for the AirTreks affiliate program, your travel-related website, social media account or youtube channel must providee a high amount of traffic and engagement. We will ask you to provide us some basic information about your audience and traffic amount. We require at least 24 months of traffic data to create new affiliate partnerships.

Our affiliate program helps you generate revenue via your website, is easy to start (all you need is to ask us for your tracking link), and enables our partners to be an integral part of the long-term travel community.

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