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What Our Family Travelers Are Saying

Our family always takes a six month holiday and purchases tickets from a variety of Internet providers, but we have now found AirTreks to be such a superior outfit that you are guaranteed that we will use you repeatedly in the future.
Rob - Family of 4
My family recently took a trip around the world and fortunately we had purchased travel insurance through Travel-Ex when we were buying our airline tickets through AirTreks. I say ‘fortunately’ because both my wife and I had to spend time in the hospital while in Thailand. I was amazed at how easy and efficient this insurance company was and how much care they seemed to give my wife in regards to care. I have nothing but praise for the way in which you handled our claims and will recommend this insurance as well as AirTreks to our friends and family.
Kurt - Family of 3
AirTreks helped my family of 5 experience the world like we never could have imagined. We traveled to 6 destinations around the globe and we truly felt so prepared with the help and reassurance of the AirTreks team. We could have done everything on our own, but instead we were worry free with the backing of the AT team.
Barbara - Family of 5

Hey family travelers! Welcome to AirTreks. Whether you’re here for info on how to make long-term family travel happen, or are looking for your next multi-destination family adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in!

Family Travel Planning

Let’s start with the basics. Often, family travel looks like you and your kiddos taking off together to explore the world. Whether you have two kids or nine, you’re looking to band together and take on new destinations as a team. You want your kids to play gladiators at the Colosseum, explore ancient ruins in South America, ride camels in the Sahara, and learn about elephant conservation in Southeast Asia – to dive into their world! You believe in travel and adventure as part of a well-rounded education, whether incorporating it through a short trip or a full family gap year. We at AirTreks believe in travel as a phenomenal tool for team-building as a family, and we want to support you.

Are you the family travel planner? 

If we had to guess, we’d assume that’s you! But really, whether you’re super advanced and savvy at planning family vacations or multi-destination family adventures OR you’re not the traditional planner of the family and you’re looking to get your crew on board with an awesome adventure, you’ve landed in the right spot. Our team of expert family travel planners are experienced in family travel themselves and they know all the ins and outs to get you and your people out and into the world! Never a dream too big or too small for this team. Book a complimentary consultation today.

What Type of Family Traveler Are you? 

If you’re an experienced family traveler – you probably are used to making your own travel plans and have an itinerary in mind already. Get started with mapping a trip using our Trip Planner Tool

If you’re new to family travel, perhaps you’ll need a little extra assistance when it comes to selecting an itinerary, getting travel questions answered, dealing with travel insurance and getting it all sorted out. Here are the types of family travelers we work with: 

Multi-Generational Family Travel

Multi-generational family travel is taking off these days, especially for daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. This kind of travel typically includes kids, parents, and grandparents on a trip targeted towards building the connection between generations. Imagine taking off to explore your heritage together, or finally visiting a country your grandparents have always dreamed of. If you’re already planning an adventure, why not bring the whole family?

LGBTQ+ Family Travel

As a LGBTQ+ family travel leader, you might have a few extra travel questions revolving around safety and acceptance, but you’re traveling for all the same reasons – family adventure, education, connection, and to make memories that will last a lifetime! We’ve rounded up the resources you need to give your family that little bit of extra support, and we want to see you build an experience that works for you. 

Single Parent Travel

As the solo leader of your family, you might need an extra hand (or two!) when it comes to sorting planning details. We’ve got you. Single parent travelers are looking for peace of mind, fun destinations that are easy to navigate with kids or teens, and perhaps a little down time for themselves too. Luckily, we’ve put together several AirTreks routes you’ll love, and a few stories from single parents who have been there, done that.

Long-Term Family Travel

Long-term family travelers have already tested the waters and are ready to dive in head first. You’re interested in the benefits of long-term travel for the kids’ education and are planning on “traveling deep, not wide” – living in each destination and traveling slowly. You may be interested in overland travel or in planning out a full RTW route in advance, with flexibility built in, and you need extra help with details like travel insurance or managing transportation for multiple people. You may also fall under the digital nomad category, and will want to be sure to have the support needed to run a business from anywhere in the world. One way or another, you’re going to have the family adventure of a lifetime!

Short-Term Educational Travel

Long-term family travel isn’t for you, but your ideal family trip still has an educational focus. Short-term educational travelers pack as much world experience into their summer as possible, taking the opportunity to learn new skills together, whether that looks like snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, hitting museums around the world, taking cooking classes as a family, or learning a new language. We’re here to support your efforts and bring you home with fabulous memories – and maybe even boosted transcripts! 

Ultimately, while YOU decide what family travel looks like, AirTreks is best suited to certain kinds of family travel ventures. 

How to know if booking family travel with AirTreks is right for you and your family? 

  • You’re looking to travel with your family to multiple destinations.
  • You want to give your family the greatest gift there ever was: the experience of the world. 
  • You’re interested in (or already doing) long-term family travel and you need advice and/or assistance booking flights and planning travel. 
  • You’re a couple, a family with children, a family with infants, a multi-generational family, an LGBTQ family, or a single parent. 
  • You know where you want to travel to and you want help with booking flights and discovering new travel ideas when you arrive.
  • You’re not sure where you want to travel to yet, and you want help deciding on destinations. 
  • You plan on taking a multi-destination trip and want to travel with ease knowing you can call AirTreks at any point in your journey should you have any questions or hiccups. 

How to know if booking family travel with AirTreks is NOT right for you and your family? 

  • You’re looking to go on a Disney vacation (but if you’re interested in exploring all of the Disney destinations around the world, then we’re a great fit for helping you plan your travels!) 
  • You’re looking to travel to one destination only. 
  • You’re interested in taking a cruise.
  • You want to book an all-inclusive tour experience.

Read stories from other families who took the leap, traveled the world, and had the time of their lives!