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Flying First or Business Class on Multi-City Trips

Flying internationally can be a grueling experience, stuck between the tight rows of economy class for hours and hours. Taking a leg in business or first class can be the difference between staying up for a day or getting a good night’s sleep. The benefits are even greater when you’re on a multi-city trip, or another similar complex travel schedule.

One of the benefits of an AirTreks itinerary is that you can choose which legs of your trip are first class, business class, or economy: you’re not forced to fly either first class or economy all the way around the world. You can decide flight by flight which option you’d like to pursue.

Differences Between First and Business Class

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What are some of the differences between first, business, and economy class? It depends upon the carrier and the airliner model. The most important is perhaps leg room: business class lets you recline up to 8 more inches, on average, than economy class, and first class usually lets you recline completely prone, making your seat as comfortable as a small bed. And they’ll usually give you a duvet and pillow! You’ll almost always have your own screen and personal entertainment system, and the food is a step up from the meals served back in the main cabin. For business and first class, it’s usually served on nice dinnerware with complimentary drinks.

On a few airlines, there’s even a step up: some newer A380 airliners on carriers like Emirates or Etihad offer luxury suites at the price of tens of thousands of dollars per trip.

Often a good strategy to maximize the value of your trip is to stick with economy for shorter flights (less than four hours) and reserve your time in the first class cabin for long-haul flights, so you can spend twelve hours in luxury.

Since we use flights from hundreds of different airlines and alliances to build our custom flight packages, this lets us put together a solution that works perfectly for you: combining the best of value, comfort, flexibility, and airline quality for your needs. First class travel in airlines such as Emirates or Turkish are renowned for their luxury and comfort: something worth experiencing if you have the means! 

How Much Will A Premium Seat Cost?

Although it’s not possible to generate a price estimate for premium flights from an automated tool like TripPlanner, a general rule of thumb is that a business class flight would cost three to four times what the equivalent itinerary would cost if flying in economy class. And a first class flight can cost five times what business class costs! When you add in the complicated ins-and-outs of a multi-city trip, it can get even more confusing.

One of the benefits of flying business or first class is that the flights often qualify for earning more miles for your frequent flyer program, making a round-the-world flight perfect for racking up an extra couple thousand miles in your account. Or, if you’ve already got lots of accumulated miles, we can help you redeem them in a way that maximizes your frequent flyer mileage.

If you’re interested in a premium itinerary, use our form to submit a request for a business class quote. We’ll put together a custom quote for you and follow up as soon as possible with all the information you need.

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