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How and Why You Should Reconfirm Flights

The easiest way to avoid any last-minute surprises on your multi-stop trip is to reconfirm flights 2-3 days ahead of your travel date.
This allows you to be absolutely certain your flight is leaving when you think it is. Even in the era of automated emails and iPhone apps, it’s highly recommended you reconfirm flights with a phone call, airline employee or on the airline’s official website.

What it means “to reconfirm flights” has changed a lot over time. The airlines don’t need you to tell them you’re coming – they assume you’re going to show up. Reconfirming is for you and your peace of mind.

You should always make sure your flight is departing according to the itinerary you have in your hand. Sometimes  schedules are changed or occasionally a flight’s completely removed at the last minute.

Of course, a schedule change isn’t a big deal if the difference is a few minutes more or less, but if the new schedule winds up dramatically different, you could end up missing your flight.

On a complex itinerary, schedule changes can really complicate your trip – there may be thru flights unwilling to wait for you if your altered schedule is on another airline. Reconfirming your flights a few days ahead of time gives you more wiggle room to adjust your plans.

How to reconfirm flights, even while overseas:

  • Email or call AirTreks to have us reconfirm any flight we booked for you – we work hard to keep you updated throughout your trip of any flight schedule changes and help you rebook when necessary.
  • Visit the airlines’ website and check the flight schedules/status.
  • Phone the airline directly. Here’s our list of airline toll-free numbers and websites.
  • Unofficially, Google will tell you if your flight is leaving on time. Simply search the two-letter airline code and the flight number: for example, “BA 10.”
  • Ask the hotel/hostel concierge to call the airline on your behalf.
  • Go into a local travel agency and have them contact the airline for you.
  • Visit the airline’s in-city ticket office. Often a national carrier will populate their major cities with offices were you can speak with an agent on site.
  • Give the airline a local contact number (such as a hotel or hostel) or email address so they can attempt to notify you of any major changes
  • If you’re only staying in a city a few days, stop at the check-in counter before you leave the airport and reconfirm your flight out of that city.

Don’t forget to verify your flight number and departure date and time. (Simply asking, “Am I confirmed?” may not tell you that the flight is leaving at a different time than you’re expecting).

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