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How to Start Planning An Around the World Trip

Honestly? Planning an around the world trip is really fun.

There are a world of possibilities to consider and choose from when you start planning a multi-stop trip. What you want to see, how much you can spend, and how long you want to travel are important things to think about when you’re building your round-the-world route.

This section covers the planning phase from the first glimmer of a travel idea up to the part where you actually decide on your route and buy your RTW air tickets. If you’ve read the articles below, and still have questions, or would rather speak to an expert, this is where AirTreks is at our best and you’re welcome to contact us anytime. Our personal travel consultants have lots of experience, advice and insight that they make good use of to get you the best value for your around the world trip.

Browse the links below for comprehensive information on how to plan, book, and choose your ticket provider.

Choosing AirTreks

The AirTreks Difference
How we differ and rise above the rest. AirTreks has been helping travelers arrange complex international travel for 25 years and design and book perfect trips, always tailored to our clients specific plans and priorities.

We Heart Travel
A bit of insight on why we, as travel-enablers and travel-lovers, do what we do.

What is an AirTrek?
This section was crafted to help you understand the ins and outs of the AirTreks around the world trip product. What is an AirTrek? That’s up to you.

AirTreks vs. The Others
How we compare to our competition, doing it yourself and the airline alliances when it comes to RTW airfare.

How to book an around the world ticket with AirTreks
Booking an AirTreks round the world ticket is a simple 5-step process. These are the steps.

17 Reasons Why International Travel Is Good For You
17 reasons a RTW or multi-stop trip will improve your life.

Why AirTreks Chooses Not to Automate the Ticket-Buying Process
Why do we still insist our travelers book their trip with an agent? To make sure our customers get the best value for their investment on their round-the-world trip.

Overcoming Traveling Fear
Tips on how to conquer your fear and get out there and see the world.

TripPlanner: What Is It and How Is it Used?
TripPlanner may be the most valuable tool AirTreks has to offer. Here’s how it works.

Planning your trip

AirTreks Official Trip Planning Timeline 
From six months out to the day of departure – a handy timeline of when to do important pre-trip necessities like destination research, vaccinations and applying for visas.

How to Choose Where To Go
A very helpful guide to help you pick destinations depending on your priorities.

How to Choose Dates for Your RTW Trip
Some practical advice on how to choose the dates for your big trip.

Money matters

Create A Travel Budget
Your big RTW budget questions, answered in one article: Advice on how to set the a practical budget, including airfare, daily spending, and shopping on the road.

How Much Does a RTW Trip Cost?
A helpful way to calculate how much money you’ll need to save for an around the world trip.

How to Save Money for a RTW Trip
20 great ways to save money to travel the world!

Preparing the trip

Traveling Companions
Who do you want to travel with? With children? A female on your own? As a couple? Read on for tips for choosing travel companions and traveling comfortably together.

RTW Trip Planning for College Graduates
Tips to help you set up a post-college round-the-world trip and prime yourself for the job market when you return.

Useful Travel Links and Websites
A general list of travel-related blogs and websites to aid you in your round-the-world trip planning process.

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