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How to Book an Around the World Trip

You’ve been planning a route for a while now, and daydreaming for even longer, and you definitely feel ready to book your round-the-world trip.

Of course, there’s still a lot to know at this stage in the game, which is what “Set” is all about. See the content featured below for AirTreks’ advice on everything you’ll need to do before your trip – from purchasing your tickets to booking accommodations – we’ve got you covered.

Booking Tickets – Also known as “taking the plunge”

Let’s do this! 4 sections to help you over the hurdle of booking your RTW air tickets.

Where Will You Stay? When and How to Book Travel Accommodations

Is it best to reserve all of your accommodations ahead of time, or book as you go on your RTW? Here are some tips on how and when to book places to stay for your trip.

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