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Frequent Flyer Miles: Accruing and Redeeming

Yes, it is possible to accrue frequent flyer miles your with your AirTreks around-the-world or multi-stop ticket.

Just be sure to give your Travel Planner your membership numbers before you leave on your trip, before or after you pay for your tickets, and they’ll enter them into your booking.

It’s not possible to add your mileage numbers to your reservation after the flight has departed, so make sure to send us your numbers before your departure date.
Most of the airlines AirTreks uses to complete your itinerary belong to one of the three major airline alliances: Star Alliance, One World or Sky Team. If you have a mileage program membership it should accrue miles from any airline you use from its alliance. For example, any airline under the Star Alliance banner will allow you to accrue on your United account, and so forth through the difference alliances. Of course, different flight classes will acquire different mileages and because of recent changes in mileage programs, many airlines are switching from (or have already switched from) a mileage-flown program to fare-based mile accrual.

Let your Travel Planner know all your memberships so they can associate them with the proper flights in your itinerary. This will give you the greatest possible number of miles to accrue from your around the world ticket. If you don’t have a membership for one or a few of your flights, you might want to join them before you leave and have your Travel Planner add them to your flights. They’re free to sign up for and you can have simultaneous memberships on airlines in every alliance – they don’t care. So to maximize your miles, you might as well have them all.

Go to the websites of the airlines you use most and sign up.
Unfortunately, AirTreks cannot help you purchase tickets using frequent flyer miles. The only place you can use miles to purchase a ticket is through the airline with which you have the membership. In other words, you can accrue miles on your United frequent flyer account from any Star Alliance partner but you can only purchase a United ticket with miles through United, not a travel agency or consolidator service.
But if you have miles you want to use for a segment, one option is booking that as “overland” with us, and using miles for a one-way fare through your mileage program.

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