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The Benefits of Buying Multi-Stop Plane Tickets From One Source

It’s no secret there’s a million places to buy plane tickets online. Even after researching the various booking engines, airline websites, consolidators, discounters and bucket shops and breaking them down into places you feel like you can trust with a big trip, and places you wouldn’t book a bus ticket with,  you’ll still have dozens if not hundreds of places to shop for tickets, each with varying degrees of credibility.

While it’s certainly possible to book each leg of a long journey from a different source, it’s harder to manage, and it means relinquishing your personal info to another company with each new transaction. Booking with AirTreks means you’ll only have to give out your personal and payment info once  and you’ll only have to work with us (no matter how many legs your trip has).

Booking an AirTreks ticket means knowing exactly where your personal information is, what we’re doing with it and what recourse you have even after the tickets are in your hands, not to mention our easily accessible and totally personalized service before and during your trip.

While some consolidators don’t have a customer service department, at AirTreks, we do. If you need to change or cancel your tickets, our customer support department is there to help you handle it, no matter what airlines were used, for whatever leg you need to change.

The AirTreks customer service department is manned seven days a week to give you the attention you need at any stage of your trip!

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