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There’s more than a few reasons gap years between high school and college or between graduation and a full-time job are so popular. Hitting the road while you’re young and able and still in a “learning” mindset offers some serious advantages.

That said, traveling as a student presents its own set of challenges. Sure, you may have more time off, or even the flexibility to take an extended RTW or a gap year, but making a big trip fit into your long-term plans and dreams and your short-term budget limitations can be a little tricky. We wrote the articles below to help students figure out how to take time off to travel, or even continue their studies on the road.

8 Tips for Students Who Want To Travel

Trying to decide between study abroad and a gap year? Here’s our team’s best advice for students who want to get out there and travel whether they’re considering study-abroad, an international internship or a gap year.

The Basics of Planning a Successful Gap Year

Pro traveler and founder of the Travel Access Project, Jenn Miller shares her tips on how to decide on a plan (whether its an international internship, voluntourism or RTW travel) for your gap year, and where to find the best resources to iron out all of the details.

Study Abroad or a Gap Year? Pros and Cons

Having a hard time deciding which is right for you, a gap year or study abroad? You’re not the only one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both — traveling and studying on your own offers more flexibility, but studying abroad through your school usually means you can use financial aid and get credit towards your degree.

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