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Travel Around the World in 80 days

London > Suez (Cairo) > Mumbai – surface – Calcutta > Hong Kong > Yokohama (Tokyo) > San Francisco – surface – New York > London

RTW Ticket from: € 2800 
Land services quoted separately

Round the World in 80 days is a classic Adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg had a tough time trying to travel around the world in 80 days.


London > Suez – Rail and steamer across the Mediterranean Sea – 7 days
Suez > Mumbai – Steamer across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean – 13 days
Mumbai > Kolkata – Rail – 3 days
Kolkata > Hong Kong – Steamer across the South China Sea – 13 days
Hong Kong > Yokohama – Steamer across the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean – 6 days
Yokohama > San Francisco – Steamer across the Pacific Ocean – 22 days
San Francisco > New York – Rail – 7 days
New York > London – Steamer across the Atlantic Ocean and rail – 9 days

In the 21st century, we have replicated the route, but using a comfortable RTW Ticket:
London > Suez (Cairo) > Mumbai – surface – Calcutta > Hong Kong > Yokohama (Tokyo) > San Francisco – surface – New York > London.
In its classic form this trip takes 80 days, but of course, here you can dedicate whatever time you have available to do it.

Some experiences you should include:

– Visit the Reform Club in London, hoping to become a member
– Explore the Corvin, gothic castle in Transylvania
– In Paris, go on the trail of Jules Verne
– Admire giant oil tankers that seem to slip in the desert at the Suez Canal
– Ride an elephant in India
– Go in search of a circus and its ‘Passpartout’ in Yokohama, Japan

Map of the Original Tour:

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