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AirTreks vs. Our Competition

Versus our competitors | Versus the airline alliances | Versus doing it yourself

AirTreks vs. Our Competitors

The marquee reason to choose AirTreks over our competition is our TripPlanner tool, something no one has yet to imitate. Our competition makes big claims, but they pale with respect to ease of use and delivery time, often forcing you to wait inordinate amounts of time just to find out how much your trip will cost. Or else they will force you to jump through hoops, to register your email address, bombard you with spam email or give you itineraries far from the most convenient.

Our team strives to be the very best, perpetually on the hunt to make your planning and booking experience the best it can possibly be and we never intend to automate our process. We will never spam you. Our prices will always be our best work. And we’ll always be just a phone call away in case something changes with your travel plans.

It all shows in our overall customer satisfaction – just read what our Trekkers have to say.

With thousands upon thousands of booked trips of every shape, length and style, over our 25 years in business, we can make the magic happen for you as well.

If you happen to be tossing around the idea of using AirTreks to get your around-the-world ticket, call up one of our skilled Travel Consultants and get the skinny on the process.

AirTreks vs. The Airline Alliances

An AirTreks ticket is cheaper.

About 80% of the time an AirTreks multi-stop or RTW ticket beats the alliances in price.

An AirTreks ticket is versatile.

It can start anywhere, end anywhere, travel in any direction with any combination of cities and airlines at any time of year. That makes for a pretty open map because you’re not limited to the cities served by one alliance’s airlines. If your chosen alliance doesn’t serve the city, you have to buy an extra ticket to get there and then back on route afterward.

AirTreks allows FULL route flexibility as a given, not an exception.

It’s okay travel on your own across land or water with an AirTreks ticket.

We will never charge you extra for miles you travel on your own. This often isn’t allowed with an alliance RTW ticket, and if it is, you still have to pay for the distance you covered independently.

Regardless of what you’ve heard about the airlines’ date flexibility, you can’t hop on any flight at any time. Often you need to wait days or even weeks for the correct inventory to open up, putting you in a difficult position if you have somewhere to be.

To summarize, here are the ways you benefit with an AirTreks ticket:

  1. It’s cheaper. On average AirTreks clients save 10 – 20% over the alliances.
  2. It’s versatile. You can fly anywhere, in any direction with any combination of destinations, at any time.
  3. It’s unlimited. You’re not limited to only the cities served by one selected airline alliance or their sometime very strict rules.
  4. It’s okay to travel overland on your own, saving time and money by not having to get back to the airport from which you arrived and without having to pay for un-flown miles.

AirTreks vs. Doing it yourself

When you buy round-the-world or multi-stop plane tickets one at a time the devil is truly in the details. You can hit snags with minimum connection times and onward ticket requirements without even knowing it, also perhaps missing out on combination fares that allow additional stops or more direct flights.
With AirTreks’ experience, there is an extensive knowledge of these very things, in every case. The airlines’ best routings are always in the back of our minds and we pride ourselves on providing them to our clients. We leave no unanswered questions, no loose ends, no wondering whether you’re purchasing the least expensive ticket or doing the right thing.

We also always notify our clients of airline schedule changes which can amount to minutes, hours, days, or outright cancellations.

Our staff makes sure all the seams are sealed and you’re getting a ticket best suited to what you want: an incredible, economical and problem-free trip. This is part of the AirTreks difference. Help yourself by letting us help you.

Booking online may have unforeseen consequences

Searching for cheap tickets online for each leg of your trip means countless hours in front of a computer screen comparing and contrasting and perhaps doing business with questionable websites. Do you really want to subject yourself to that? How do you know where you’re clicking, who’s taking your credit card, who’s issuing your tickets and who to call if there are problems?

Simply stated, booking online you have no recourse to your tickets, your money or your security. Put your confidence in one friendly company, with one number and one email address for your entire trip. We’re here to help.

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