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Travel Budgets

If you want to take a multi-stop trip  and travel around the world as long as humanly possible with the money you worked so long and hard to save, you’re going to have to set travel budget broken down into months, weeks, and days.

Read any of our articles below for budget tips for your big trip.

Learn how to keep track of your expenses, predict the total cost of the trip, choose destinations where you won’t spend as much money, and also how to book your best ticket with AirTreks so you can make the most of what you’ve saved for your around-the-world trip.

Predicting Daily Spending. How to predict daily spending and where your dollar travels farther.

Use TripPlanner to Test Airfare Prices. Use one of the best tools on the Web to calculate the price for complicated, multi-stop international airfare.

How Much Travel Money Should I Take With Me? A simple question with 8 answers. Read them over and decide how you fit into the scenario.

How Much Do Around the World Tickets Cost? – Pricing for Around the World Plane tickets and multi destination international airfare. Details on what makes the overall price of your trip what it is and what you’ll need to expect when considering expenses.

6 Steps to a Solid Around the World Trip Budget.

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