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What is an AirTrek?

An AirTreks RTW trip isn’t just a set of plane tickets, it’s a journey, a series of once in a lifetime moments. It’s a vehicle to help you better understand the world around you and to help meet the challenges of the future with a skill set only travel can teach you.

This section was created to help you understand the ins and outs of AirTreks tickets. Check out the links below for more insight into how we make complex and multi-stop international airfare easy to plan, book, and manage.
To get a quick estimate of how much your round-the-world trip will cost, we suggest you take some time to try out different RTW routes with TripPlanner. You may be surprised how close you are to making your travel dreams come true.

Who We Are and What We Do

To better understand the name, and what’s behind the name.

Published RTWs vs. the AirTreks product – Around the World Tickets: Your options explained

One of the types of tickets AirTreks sells is also available through the airlines directly. Here’s why AirTreks is the better option.

The Difference Between a Multi Destination and Around the World Ticket

What’s the difference between a RTW ticket and a multi-destination or multi-stop ticket? One means crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to circumnavigate the globe, and the other’s a complex air itinerary.

Facts and Myths about AirTreks RTW Tickets

Shedding light on some common misconceptions about your standard around-the-world and multi-destination ticket.

Traveling for a Year or More

How to get around the airline’s 11-month availability issue if you’re traveling longer than that.


Or, reversing your general direction. An AirTreks ticket allows for backtracking where other around-the-world tickets don’t. Find out more.

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