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How to Choose Where To Go – World Trip Planning

This is the big one, the multi-million-dollar question, the one that turns motivated world trip planners into red-faced balls of stress. When considering world trip planning, a lot of consideration must be placed into this seemingly minute little query:

“Where should I go on my around the world trip?”

This section will help you answer important questions like:

Take your time and read through all of our information about making your big trip happen. Take control of your itinerary. This is your journey, make it count.

Restricted Travel Regions – Tibet and Bhutan – Important information on traveling in Tibet and Bhutan. There’s a difference between restricted and forbidden. While it’s legal to travel in Bhutan and Tibet, they’re regions with strict restrictions for foreign travelers, and there are certain difficulties associated with it. Read on for a head-start to help you through the red tape.

American Travel in Cuba & the Israeli Passport Stamp – Read if you’re visiting Israel or Cuba. An Israeli or Cuban passport stamp can present other problems.

10 Ways to a Cheaper Ticket. Finding the cheapest ticket isn’t an easy task if you don’t know the name of the game. Here’s our best advice on how to keep your ticket prices down.

14 Great Overland Travel Opportunities For Your Itinerary RTW travel isn’t just about flying from hub to hub. It’s about really getting to know a place. Here are 14 great overland travel routes that’ll help you really get to know a country.

5 Factors That Affect Around the World Ticket Price. Whether it’s paying the lowest price or getting the best and most comfortable RTW route for your money, understanding the 5 major factors that affect your RTW Ticket cost will help you make the most of this important investment.

Stopovers: Add Value to Your Trip – Adding to your Around the World Trip. Often there’s opportunities to stop in places where you have connections. Here’s more info on the stopover, what it is and where to do it.

The Onward Ticket Dilemma. The ticket that flies you out of a country after you’ve flown in. Many countries require proof of onward travel to let you in.

What’s Your Travel Personality? What’s Your Travel Style. Which one of six personality traits are you. Narrow down your must-see places by determining “who you are.”

Must-see and Like-to-see Destinations. The first places to pick to visit should be the ones you’ve always dreamed about.

Choosing Your RTW Route. Choosing a RTW route doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few things to consider before booking your trip. #1 Your destination wish list.


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