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We Love Travel

Anyone can travel. And we think everyone should.

Why? Because travel is vital.

Travel has a way of speaking to you, opening your eyes and changing you from the inside out.

You can use travel to relax, to see the world, to connect with others who share your passion or just to have an adventure, all the while making memories and seeing the world first-hand.

You might travel to visit family or friends, for work, to volunteer, sight-see or to simply relax on a beach somewhere and get away from it all. These things are specific to you and your own personal vision for your life. But why do we (as human beings) travel in the first place?

Why are some people content to spend their entire lives traveling within 50 miles of where they were born (at most) and others continuously feed a wanderlust that can never be sated?

The wanderlust people—hardcore travelers—are easily recognized. There’s a glow in their eyes when they’re discussing their latest trip, a devil-may-care attitude when something goes awry on the road, and a willingness to spend countless hours in less-than-stellar conditions simply to discover a tiny village in the Amazon rainforest. Some become digital nomads and expats, while others prefer faster paced trips – touring 6 countries in 6 weeks.

But however you prefer to travel, there’s a common thread of human experience that comes with exploring unknown cultures and landscapes and makes you want to delve beyond the simple questions. How are we different? How are we the same? What’s daily life like for a shopkeeper in Morocco? Google may offer the fastest answers to your questions, but only travel offers the authentic local experiences that can widen your horizons and change your perspective and life for the better.

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